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What documents do I need to be onboarded by Lunu?

It all depends on the type of business you run or represent. Generally, companies have to provide these documents:

  • Business Registration (also known as Business registration document/certificate);
  • Article of Association (AOA, also known as Constitution, Memorandum, Articles of Incorporation);
  • Photo ID Document issued by the government (International Passport or ID card only).
  • Proof of Residence not less than 6 months old 

IMPORTANT! All required documentation must meet these conditions:

  1. All paperwork must be in English, and any translations must be notarized.
  2. Everything must be sorted out by the director of a company or authorized personnel. POA is required if acting on behalf of the director or company.
  3. All paperwork must be official meaning it has to be stamped and/or signed, depending on the local laws of a customer.

Documents provided in any other format will be immediately rejected.

Here’s all the information you need to know before starting the verification process.

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