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Payments are not working properly. What might be the issue?

If you’re unable to create order / unable to send a request to Lunu Widget, the most common issues are:

  • API credentials used in the wrong environment.
  • Wrong API credentials.
  • Wrong API credentials signature, invalid order, etc.
  • API requests are coming from a different IP address(es) than the IPs that were whitelisted when creating API credentials when creating.
  • URL or another library used to communicate with the Lunu Widget is working incorrectly, or is outdated.
  • Your server cannot reach lunu.io.

If the Order status is not updated / Lunu does not send Payment Callback (Payment Notification), the most common issues are:

  • Your server is on a private network, for example localhost.
  • Your website is disabled or in maintenance mode.
  • Your server firewall, third-party security service (Cloudflare, Incapsula, etc.) or your application is blocking Lunu IP address(es).

You can find all the solutions in our API documentation page dedicated for most common issues. If the solution is not listed there, please contact our support team at support@lunu.io.

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