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What benefits does accepting cryptocurrency payments give me?

There are several benefits in comparison to conventional payment methods that you should know about:

  • Irreversible payments. Forget about the chargebacks - once the payment in cryptocurrency is made, it cannot be reversed, so you will get your payment with 100% certainty that no one will be able to reverse the transaction. 
  • Customer privacy. When paying with cryptocurrencies, customers do not disclose their private information, because there is no need for it - Bitcoin and Ethereum networks operate without trusting any third parties. As a result, it’s always up to you how much information you want to get from your shoppers. 
  • Low fees. Credit card companies usually charge up to 3% of the transaction amount, not to mention various additional fees. With Lunu, you can accept cryptocurrency payments for only 1% of the transaction amount. No monthly, registration, or support fees. But most importantly, no hidden fees. 
  • More opportunities. When you have such a unique payment method, new marketing opportunities emerge.
  • Wider customer base. More payment methods equals more customers. Give your shoppers more flexibility at the checkout to attract crypto-friendly customers and boost your sales as a result. 


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