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How to keep my account safe?

To keep your account safe, we strongly recommend you to:


  • use complex passwords: use capital letters, numbers and special characters;
  • user long passwords: passwords should be at least 8 characters long;
  • avoid using commons passwords, e.g. passwords containing you first or last name, date of birth or other common words like 'password', '123456' etc.;
  • avoid sharing your password with other persons or store them in easily accessible places, like paper notes or any kind of unencrypted applications and devices;
  • constantly update your password;
  • avoid using same password for multiple accounts and services;
  • avoid connecting to your account on public, unsecure networks and devices;
  • avoid connecting to your account on devices not owned by you;
  • avoid connecting to your account in public places where someone could see and remember the password you are typing;
  • following all the best practices of managing online credentials and staying safe online;
  • constantly review your account and report any suspicious activity;
  • apply the same or stricter standards to email inbox that is associated with your Lunu account.
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